(To be used as a guide and not cast in stone!)

Q. Why do I need an awning outside – won’t inside blinds or curtains protect my furnishings?

A. Yes they will but you won’t be able to see the lovely day outside!


Q. What else will an Awning do apart from protect my furniture?

A. Whether the curtains are closed or not, once the sun hits the glass the heat comes through and your interior room temperature will rise at an alarming rate. An Awning keeps the room cooler by casting a shadow on the window and preventing the sunlight from reaching the glass: it really works!!


Q. What sizes of Awning should I buy?

A. This very much depends upon the application and the window but it should extend past the window by as much as possible. The projection depends upon how much of your patio you want to cover but generally the maximum projection would be 2.5 metres. The amount of shade that you will get will depend on the height of the sun at the time of year.


Q. Does my wall need to be especially prepared or can an Awning be fitted to any surface?

A. The Awning is quite heavy and will be fitted with pretty big bolts (drill sizes No. 10) so the wall needs to be in good condition and reasonably substantial.Sometimes special brackets may be required.


Q. Must the Awning be fitted at a special height?

A. The higher the Awning can be fitted the greater the pitch and the quicker the rain will run off. You should always allow at least a 10 degree angle but if we survey we will always advise on this.


Q. Can I fit the Awning myself?

A. Yes you can, but the arms contain very powerful springs which can be dangerous if not handled with great care and in accordance with the instructions. The Awning comes to you ready to fix.


Q. How much wind will it really stand?

A. In controlled environments, Awnings can withstand wind speeds up to 35-40 m.p.h. but in the natural environment the wind gusts can change direction rapidly making it very unpredictable, but please be warned that this is a Sunblind and not designed to be left out in all weathers. As a simple rule of thumb if you are comfortable to be sitting outside then the Awning is likely to be perfectly safe. The more slope of the Awning the greater the resistance to wind it will have. It is always wise to err on the side of caution, bearing in mind that it is a self supporting, retractable Sun Awning.


Q. Can I leave my Awning out in the rain?

A. You can leave it out in the rain which could save your barbeque at a crucial moment. However, do not allow water to accumulate on the cover and if you have to put it away wet always open it out again as soon as possible and allow it to dry.


Q. If the Awning does not need poles at the front, what holds it up?

A. The Awning is designed to be self-supporting. The arms contain powerful springs which are permanently pushing the Awning out and maintaining cover tension. When the Awning is outside our normal size range it is possible to fit support poles. These are designed to provide extra support, but are not a substitute to the arm springs, nor are they designed for the Awning to be left out in all weathers. Always remember to remove the poles when retracting the Awning.


Q. What do I do with my Awning in the winter?

A. Just leave it retracted where it is – it will not come to any harm. If you have a valance you may wish to remove this for the winter but you will be surprised how much you will want to use the Awning during the winter when the sun is low. All you need to do is put it away dry.


Q. How long will the Awning last?

A. The frame is made from powder-coated heavy duty extruded aluminium so it will last a very long time and stay looking good if you occasionally sponge it down with soapy water to remove the grime. We use top quality fabrics on all our Awnings but we do not recommend the use of detergents on the Cover.


Q. What happens if I want to change the colour of my Awning cover?

A. This can easily be arranged by Jordans.


Q. How should I choose my Awning supplier?

A. Naturally we would say come to Jordan’s but then we are biased. However, we would recommend the following guidelines to you:


1. Make sure you contact an expert and a specialist – avoid someone who sells Awnings just as a sideline with little or no proper experience. One simple way to do this is to make sure that your supplier is a member of the British Blind and Shutter Association (BBSA). The BBSA has been established since 1919 and only accepts approved expert suppliers who have to comply with their strict Code of Practice.

2. Establish how long your supplier has been in business fitting Awnings. If you have any doubts, ask him where you can view his work.

3. It is important for you to get it right first time – if in any doubt why not give us a ring on 01482 326657


(To be used as a guide and not cast in stone!)

Q. I realize that I need a Shutter for Security purposes but what other advantages does it bring?

A. You are right, the first priority should be Security. In the present climate we need to make sure that we remain secure and provide no easy way for the opportunist to gain easy access to our Home or Business Premises.

Depending upon the type of Shutter you choose it can provide you with considerable privacy, certain thermal benefits and a great deal of peace of mind.

For instance you can use the shutter like a sunblind, prevent the sun striking the glass window and you can control the temperature of the room with significant effect. Security Shutters may also have a beneficial effect on your Insurance premiums.


Q. How do you assess what I require?

A. We attend site, discuss your objectives with you and then consider which type of Shutter will best suit your requirements. This is where our experience is vital to make sure we help you make the right choice.

We have Shutter systems which can be incorporated into the building and are unobtrusive and out of sight when not in use, if possible we like to be involved at the planning stage so that we can advise on the most suitable product.


Q. Can my Shutter be in a colour?

A. Our first priority is to consider the environment and hopefully make the shutter blend in with the surroundings. We are not lovers of plain galvanised steel shutters, they do nothing to improve the environment. However in some instances a plain galvanised shutter will foot the bill without the additional cost of powder coating.

Our Roller garage doors are manufactured in a range of colours and Wood grain finishes. All our steel shutters can be powder coated to any RAL colour of your choice and this includes the box and side channels, this not only enhances the appearance but adds protection too.


Q. Do I need to maintain or service the shutter once it is installed?

A. Your shutter will be installed in such a manner that it should not require any lubrication or grease; under normal operation it should run smoothly. If this is not the case then it is best to give us a call and let us have a look. Usually poor operation is due to some form of damage.

We do offer an annual service agreement for our Shutters, which meets the Machinery at Work Directive, where we attend site once a year and thoroughly check the shutter and advise you of any serious problems before a serious problem arises. We do not however place you under any pressure to enter into this contract.


Q. Can I have my shutter electrically operated?

A. All our Roller Shutters can be electrically operated and we would recommend that you do this. In fact, over a certain size Roller Shutters need to be electrically operated for ease of operation coupled with Health and Safety issues. This can be done in various ways, whichever system suits your purpose at the time of initial discussion. All our electric motors are built to the highest standards and our installations are carried out by a NICEIC qualified Electrician.


Q. What are the most likely problems that could arise with the Shutter?

A. There are not many, providing you take care in operation. You must make sure that there are no obstructions in the way of the shutter curtain during operation. If things do go wrong do not try to effect serious repairs yourself. If your shutter is fitted with locks do not operate the motor with these in position or you could burn the motor out.


Q. How do I choose my Shutter supplier?

A. As with Sunblinds we would be remiss if we did not recommend that you come to Jordans! However, like most important products that you purchase, it is important that you give careful consideration to your supplier.


1. Make sure that you consult and buy from a recognised Shutter specialist and find out just how long they have been trading. There are many shutters in the area which have been made and installed by so-called experts who are no longer in business! This means no more back up and often no guarantee. Don’t be frightened to ask for a couple of addresses where you can see their work and a reference that you may follow up.

2. Finally we would recommend that you use a supplier who is a member of a recognised Trade Association. We belong to the BBSA (British Blind and Shutter Association). This gives you a safeguard if things go wrong because we have to work to a strict code of practice. We are also accredited CHAS members and have to operate to their stringent Safety standards.


We provide a 24 Hour Call out service. But we always remind customers that it is expensive to call out a team of fitters during the night so, if it can wait until normal hours we would recommend you do this.

Our advice is free please call on us to help.