A Special Year for Jordans

We've come a long way in the shading & security industry and we are very proud to be celebrating being 200 Years old.

Jordan's was founded in 1817 in Hull and at that time we were sailmakers servicing the Whaling Industry out of Hull. You could say that is it a far cry from our present day Industry of manufacture and installation of Sunblinds and Security Shutters but it has evolved through heavy industrial textiles in the shape of Sails, into Tarpaulins and all things using early fabrics. Sunblinds were a natural follow on and as diversification took place so we finally arrived where we are today. If that sounds simple it has to be remembered that the company survived two world wars during which time Hull suffered horrendous destruction.

Jordan's were relocated three times during the Second World War, compulsory purchased for a song and six male generations later we are still here to celebrate City of Culture in 2017. We are proud to be part of Hull and all that is good about Hull. Other companies have come and gone but in 2017 there can be few that will celebrate 200 years.

The picture on the left is one of our old premises on what was Salthouse Lane in Hull. You can just make out Ranks factory in the background. This building had three floors and a shoot to one site for the tarpaulins rolls to be loaded straight into the lorries below. On the front of the building are our very first Curved Dutch Canopies, we still make these today.

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Some more history and photographs below. This is an invoice from 1911 for a Mr. Anderson of Bridlington. On the right is Alfred Jordan in 1848.

This is the Queen & Prince Philip's visit to BP's Chemical Factory in Hull. The picture was taken in a tent produced by Henry Jordan & Son on 17th July 1981. We provided a shelter for the ceremony using BP's colour scheme in PVC Material and their logo at shown in the rear of this photograph. We provide similar products today for roadshows and festivals across the country.