About 3 Weeks ago we received an email about a motorbike! A special Norton E52 Motorbike sold by Mr. Eric Jordan of Jordans 80 Years ago to the day and it was coming to Hull where it was originally sold in 1937.

This machine No. DKH 249 was bought in a parlous state in 1976 and restored by Bryan Moore.

Eric Jordan is regretably no longer with us but his son David attended this gathering in Hull and in doing so, continued the link between Bryan Moore and the Motorcycle and the Jordan Family.

Nothing really to do with Sunblinds, but nethertheless a link from the past when Mr. Eric was involved in selling Motorcycles.

Our interest is very much involved in History and Hull. Our family interest spans 200 Years in business in Hull and this was a special occasion to link our past to another era.

David Jordan

We wish Bryan Congratulations on this achievement!